“These artists played off of one another as if they had been comrades in musical arms for years.”

Philip Setzer, Violinist, Emerson String Quartet

“Trio Terzetto is one of the very best young chamber groups I have heard. The three are most accomplished as individuals, and their enormous abilities, combined with their youthful energy make them a winning ensemble with a very bright future ahead.”

“Trio Terzetto played with exceptional poise for a young ensemble.”

“…Contemplative and mesmerizing…”

“The performance was an artful act of sharing.”

“…tasteful, communicative and utterly absorbing.”

“The performance took nothing for granted in terms of subtlety or gesture.”

“refined musicians”

“There wasn’t a blasé or deferential moment during these warmly considered performances.”

“Pianist-composer Andrius Zlabys is one of the most gifted young keyboard artists to emerge in years.”

“Her motions are balanced, fluid, the voice of her cello as natural and unfettered as her own.”

“Urgency and serenity were in cohesive place when needed, and the scherzo’s Midsummer Night’s Dream-like motion had nimble champions in these players. As the impassioned finale edged toward its close, the ensemble raced as if stepping on the sonic gas.”

Blomfontein Press, South Africa

“amazingly agile and mature interpretation.”

“Cohen’s shining violin playing had ideal counterparts.”

“Bracing and exhilarating, his playing is the work of a major talent.”

South Jersey Courier-Post

“Summoning a rich, firm tone from her cello, Banerdt characterized the music ably.”

Carl Ellenberger, director, Gretna Music

“The concert by the Trio Terzetto proved to be one of our best in many years.”

Ken Glickman, glickarts.blogspot.com

“The entire ensemble was tight and expressive”

Joan Conway, Pianist and Presenter

“I heard them tonight and they are spectacular — attractive, as good a trio as there is today, and people love them. Up-and-coming, they’ve won some prestigious things. They’re the REAL THING!!!!!”

Andrew Le, pianist and director, Saugatuck Chamber Music Festival

“Trio Terzetto really shined today. They did a mini-presentation for an area migrant workers’ daycare. The 100+ children, all between the 2nd and 5th grades, were enthralled by the Trio’s talking, playing, and demonstrations! This was a truly great event, as many of these children had never seen a cello or a violin, let alone heard classical music presented to them in an easy, unpretentious way. This is what we live for!”

William Hoyt, director, The Swannanoa Music Festival

“The individual performers are of the highest caliber but the ensemble playing is truly remarkable. They posses a beautiful sound, a flawless technique, and a sense of musicality that pervades their performances and leaves their audiences truly satisfied. Their performance of the Schubert E-flat Trio captured the essence of this composer so completely that it stands out in my mind as one of the finest performances of Schubert that I have heard.”

Andrew Le, pianist and director, Saugatuck Chamber Music Festival

“Today was capped by a stupendously amazing performance by the Trio Terzetto. The sheer artistry, color palette, organic ensemble, and bravura of these three supremely talented musicians left nothing to be desired. There was standing applause after the opening Beethoven! You can’t miss this Trio. Pretty soon, it will be difficult to afford or even obtain tickets to hear this group… seriously.”